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Debauched by Jennifer Dawson

27856368Description: One night in a moment of sheer madness I confessed my secrets to him. All my life I’ve been pretending. Pretending to be the woman I thought I should be instead of the woman I really am. I’ve been faking it and I am good. No one has ever guessed. Except him. He just looked at me and knew.

Chad Fellows is not the man I want, but he’s fast becoming the man I need.

One night in a moment of sheer madness I held her in my arms and let her cry. I did the right thing, letting her walk away, no matter how much she calls to the part of me that wants to rescue her. We are nothing alike, and she’s a mess of complications in a life I’m trying to keep simple. But then I touched her and made her tremble and now I can’t turn away.

Ruby Stiles is not the woman I want, but she’s fast becoming the woman I need.


In preparation for this book, I read the first two and a half books in this series. Jennifer Dawson is a relatively new author to me but I loved the other series I read by her. I was pleased to discover that her Undone series is an erotic romance one. I’m always on the look-out for new erotic series. This story follows Chad and Ruby and switches between each of their first person point of view. I’ve recently been reading more romances which have first person heroes, I’m looking at you, Emma Chase, and realize I really like them. It’s intriguing to see the plot and emotions unfold from the hero’s point of view. While most romances do have that, by using third person, these books are more in-depth.

The plot focuses around the relationship between Chad and Ruby. While Chad seems to be a straight-laced IT manager, he is also a dominant. Ruby, who is a graphic designer by day, singer by night, is clearly attracted to him but is afraid of his dominant side. Two of Ruby’s friends are in dominant/submissive relationships and while she is intrigued, she doesn’t think she wants that kind of relationship. A lot of time is spent of Ruby’s hang ups about having a BDSM relationship. What I like most about the story is how she is eased into it. As the reader, it is clear that Ruby has submissive desires which she is fighting. Instead of pressuring her or insisting, Chad sets out to have a normal relationship with her, while slowly exposing her hidden desires. Overall, a sensual read which presents a deeper look into BDSM relationships.

Rating: 4 of 5.

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Received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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