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The Beast by Katee Robert

The Beast

By Katee Robert


Once upon a time, I fell in love with two men. Their feelings for me were matched only by their hatred for each other.

Gaeton, with his brash charm and casual cruelty.

Beast, his lust equal to his penchant for violence.

Being with them was sinful and perfect in different ways. In the end, I couldn’t choose, and I lost them both.

Now, my sisters have tasked me with securing our power base, no matter the cost. I will do anything for my family—even if it means agreeing to the terms set by Gaeton and Beast.

The three of us. Together. But only for as long as it takes me to choose one of them once and for all.

When playing games of power, happily ever after isn’t a priority. Not even for me.

Especially not for me.


I don’ t think I’ll ever be able to look at my favorite Disney movies the same after reading the Wicked Villains series. I think it’s official; Katee Robert writes the best MMF romances. I’ve said this both but I’m a big fan of MMF over MFM romances.

Most of the drama in this book is relationship based. Belle had past relationships with Gaeton and Beast separately and both ended about a year before this book starts. However, events prior to the book, mean that Belle must go to Beast and Gaeton to get their assistance. In exchange for that, she has to spend two weeks with them.

One of the big things I liked about this book was how Katee Robert was able to show the past relationships between Belle and Gaeton and Belle and Beast without having long flashback scenes. You get the sense of their past relationships without letting it overwhelm the new, joint relationship they are currently building. I’ve never been the biggest fan of flashbacks so I appreciated the way Katee handled this in The Beast.

This book was so steamy and sexy. I never thought I would like the kinky, shame sex that the three of them have but I was totally wrong. The Beast was sensual and yet heartfelt at the same time. It was the perfect escape read!

Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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