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Top Reads of 2020

Top Reads of 2020

I think it’s safe to say that 2020 didn’t turn out the way anyone expected. I, like so many readers and reviewers, went through phases where I couldn’t engage/maintain interest in the books I was reading. As a result, I DNFed (did not finish) a lot more books than usual. Some I will go back to when I’m in a better state of mind. I will say that I read some truly phenomenal books this year and I give major props to authors who were able to publish this year. I discover some really great new to me authors this year. I also did my best to support and highlight diverse and Black romance writers. 2020 has been tough and look back over the great books I read this year makes me smile.

I’m breaking this post up between top books I reviewed, tops books I read (and didn’t review), and new to me authors in 2020.

What were some of your favorite 2020 reads?

Top Reviewed Books

Top Reads

New to Me Authors

  • Jayci Lee
  • Serena Akeroyd
  • Kit Rocha
  • Gillian Archer
  • Maria Vale
  • Kwana Jackson
  • Adriana Herrera
  • A.L. Jackson
  • Helena Hunting
  • Nikki Sloane
  • Hayley Faiman
  • Twyla Turner
  • Olivia Dade
  • Katrina Jackson/ Brandy Bush
  • Jackie Lau
  • Farrah Rochon
  • Cora Reilly
  • Christina C. Jones
  • Empi Baryeh
  • Mia Sosa
  • Robin Lovett
  • Ruby Lang
  • Jen DeLuca
  • Eva Leigh
  • Theodora Taylor
  • Alexandria House
  • Scarlett St. Clair
  • Amalie Howard
  • N.K. Jemisin
  • Cara Bastone
  • Alexandra Warren
  • Marie Lipscomb
  • Rosie Danan
  • Danielle Allen
  • Priscilla Oliveras
  • Diana Biller
  • Cat Sebastian
  • Sarah Hogle
  • Kate Clayborn

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