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The Princess Knight

The Princess Knight

By G.A. Aiken


In New York Times bestselling author G.A. Aiken’s gripping new fantasy romance series, the Blacksmith Queen must confront armies and pretenders desperate to take her new-won crown. But with the Princess Knight at her side and a centaur warrior clan at her back, she’ll risk everything for victory . . .


Gemma Smythe dedicated her life to the glory of battle. With her fellow War Monks, she worshipped the war gods, rained destruction on her enemies, and raised the dead when the fancy took her. Until her sister Keeley became the prophesied Blacksmith Queen, and Gemma broke faith with her order to journey to the Amichai Mountain and fight by Keeley’s side.

The Amichai warriors are an unruly, never-to-be-tamed lot, especially their leader-in-waiting, Quinn. But when the War Monks declare support for Gemma’s ruthless younger sister Beatrix, the immaturity of her key ally is the least of Gemma’s problems. She has to get to the grand masters, dispel their grudge against her, and persuade them to fight for Keeley and justice. If her conviction can’t sway them, perhaps Quinn’s irritating, irreverent, clearly unhinged, ferocity will win the day . . .

Praise for The Blacksmith Queen

“It may be laugh-out-loud funny, but at its heart this is a story of a woman who cares deeply for both the family she has and the one she creates.”

“Tilting more toward fantasy, this paranormal romance will be a hit with fans of both genres who enjoy tales that are lighthearted and humorous.”


I ended up rereading The Blacksmith Queen before reading The Princess Knight. I would say that it is necessary to read the first book to understand the world and events of The Princess Knight. It was great to go from Keeley’s POV of Gemma to Gemma’s in this story. Gemma’s motivation for why she became a warrior monk is landed out far better in this book. The Princess Knight isn’t for the faint of heart. It is bloody and rough and everything you’d expect from a fantasy medievalesque story. There is death, betrayal, religious fanaticism. However, in the midst of all that, there is humor, family, and love. Gemma is very much like her older sister, Keeley, which is why they butt heads so often. She is fiercely loyal and devoted and protective. She is also bent on revenge against Beatrix and it is up to Quinn, the funny and irrelevant and crazy centaur, to curb her impulses. Gemma and Quinn end up on multiple journeys in this story, that take them deep into dangerous territory where they need to depend on each other. While there is a bit of a slow burn between the two, the attraction is clearly there and simmering. Once they finally act on it, how perfect Quinn and Gemma are for each other is so clear. This book is the perfect distraction from the real world. The characters are over the top and completely out there and yet so loyal and loving. G.A. Aiken especially excels at writing sibling relationships, ones with crazy fights and conflicts and yet undying loyal running underneath. The Princess Knight was an excellent contribution to this world and I found myself anxiously awaiting the next installment!

*Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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