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To Catch A Raven- Review

To Catch a Raven

By Beverly Jenkins

Genre: Historical Romance

Series: Women Who Dare #3

Publication Date: August 23,2022

Publisher: Avon Romance

Source: Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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The newest novel in USA Today bestselling author Beverly Jenkins’s compelling Women Who Dare series features a fearless grifter who goes undercover to reclaim the stolen Declaration of Independence.

Lying and cheating may be sins to some people, but for Raven Moreaux, it is a way of life. She comes from a long line of grifters and couldn’t be prouder…Until she’s forced to help the government.

A former Confederate official is suspected of stealing the Declaration of Independence, and Raven, posing as his housekeeper, is tasked with getting it back. Her partner is the too handsome Braxton Steel. Masquerading as a valet/driver, Brax is also supposed to be her “husband.” He has his own reasons for doing this job, but when their pretend marriage ignites into fiery passion, they’ll have to put everything—including their hearts—on the line.


This account stans Ms Bev as all should. Although I’m still bitter about this cover and that it broke from the style of the previous two covers in the Women Who Dare series, that did not dampen my enjoyment of this book. I was immediately pulled into Raven and Brax’s story. It was like the National Treasure movie but even better! Both Raven and Brax’s families are blackmailed into helping find this stolen copy of the Declaration of Independence. Raven’s family are grifters with unique skill sets while Brax is a tailor but also from an upper class Boston family- which I loved because I can’t think of a single romance novel where the hero is a tailor. This book visits Boston, New Orleans, and Charleston, and you get the flavor of each city throughout Brax and Raven’s adventures. They must pose as a married couple in their quest and their attraction to each other is obvious. I really liked both Raven and Brax as characters. They have had very different starts in life and it takes a while for them to trust each other. But once they do, their relationship grows and their bond becomes extremely strong. Raven is able to trust Brax with her vulnerabilities while Brax learns how let her take the lead. This book has everything. Steamy chemistry, danger, great minor characters and family, nefarious villains who get their comeuppance, adventures, and even a cameo from her Le Veq family! While I know this is the last book in the Women Who Dare series, I not so secretly hope for more books about Raven’s family.

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