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The Professor Next Door

The Professor Next Door

By Jackie Lau


Friendly neighbors can have their benefits…

Nicole Louie-Edwards enjoys the nightlife and bringing men back to her apartment, although lately, she’s gotten tired of the chase. Her quiet new neighbor, David Cho, isn’t her type, but after they get trapped in an elevator together on her birthday, she develops a friendship with the kind geology professor.

Then, blushing, he tells her that he can hear her having sex but tries not to listen. Except it’s clear he’d like to, and she’s surprisingly turned on. They embark on a friends-with-benefits arrangement hotter than any she’s had before. She didn’t expect him to be so naughty between the sheets.

David becomes a bigger part of her life outside of the bedroom, too, bringing her desserts and going viral on TikTok with her grandmother, but she can’t imagine he wants to be her boyfriend, and it’s not like she wants that, either. She’s convinced she’d lose her identity in a relationship, like she did ten years ago.

Yet she can’t help getting more and more attached to the professor next door…


This is the third book I’ve read in the Cider Bar Sisters series ( I need to back and read book 1) and this is my favorite book so far! The premise of this book, with Nicole and David being neighbors and David hearing Nicole have sex through their shared wall, is so intriguing! Nicole is the type of heroine I really wish we saw more of in romance. She’s struggled with losing herself in a past relationship and once she freed herself from that, she is now unapologetically herself. She and David develop a friendship at first, with Friday night dinners and the most delicious food ever. Seriously, even if you’re completely full, you will be starving and craving one of the meals and desserts Nicole and David have while reading this book. As they move from friends to friends with benefits, their relationship grows even more. This book is definitely the sexiest of the series so far. There’s a scene where Nicole takes home a man and knows that David is listening on the other side of the wall… wow. There’s sex toys and trust and everything sexy and hot and adorable and sweet all mixed up in this delicious book!

*Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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