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Guarding Her Heart

Guarding Her Heart

by Adore Ian


She moved into his house… then into his heart.

Elle Lee is on the run—hiding from her ex and his family. After secretly moving to the other side of the country, she wants nothing more than to stay shielded behind the carefully constructed armor that’s kept her, and her secrets, safe all these years.

But when she befriends Conor—the strong, quiet guard who works security for the mysterious Alice Braxton—she finds herself wanting to step out from behind her armor and experience life again.

Conor Kahele is a protector—always has been, always will be. So when timid Elle gets a job at the Braxton Arcade, he can’t help but watch out for her. They become fast friends and when Elle finds herself with little money and no place to live, Conor is unable to stop himself from asking her to move in.

Platonically, of course.

But friendship goes out the window the more they learn about one another, and soon Conor finds himself agreeing to take Elle’s virginity. What neither agreed to was giving the other their heart.

While people from Elle’s past hunt her, demons from Conor’s past haunt him. If he can guard her heart, Conor just might save them both. But if he fails, if he goes too far, he might become the very thing that stalks them.


Guarding Her Heart was an emotional rollercoaster. Elle and Conor both had trauma in their past that they need to work through. Friends and coworkers, Conor becomes Elle’s protector as life changing and they become roommates. Throughout the book, both Elle and Conor’s past catches up with them, both with emotions they need to address and in reality. Guarding Her Heart is the story of two very broken characters learning to embrace each other and patch the holes in their hearts.

The relationship between Elle and Conor becomes more than friends when she asks him to take her virginity. They both have desires that fit one another and their friendship becomes something far more as they begin a sexual relationship. Guarding Her Heart addresses serious issues including domestic abuse, in a tactful manner and shows the characters dealing with their trauma in healthy ways. While Elle does lean on Conor as her protector, she also learns how to protector herself. Guarding Her Heart is beautiful and sensitive and skillfully crafted.

*Received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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