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Bleeding Chaos- Review

Title: Bleeding Chaos
Series: Love & Lyrics
Author: Nikki Ash
Release: March 23, 2023
Genre: Friends to Lovers, Rock Star Romance

I lost my first love. This time, I’m going to win the second girl who owns my heart—no matter the stakes.
Being the drummer for Raging Chaos is the only thing that’s kept me going for the past six years. Even the music isn’t enough to drown out the guilt that’s been suffocating me since what happened to Tori.
When Sadie storms into my life, ripping through my trepidations, sorrows, and bitterness, I can’t help but wonder if she could be my second chance.
I could love her, but in order to do that, I have to stop hating myself first.
Easier said than done. Before I have the chance to mend this broken heart, I push Sadie away and hit rock bottom.
The next time I see her, she has a baby. And if that’s not hurtful enough, it’s not just any baby.
It’s my baby.

Bleeding hearts can still beat. I’m living proof of that.
At first, Gage was just someone to take away the pain—until I realized he was battling demons of his own.
I never meant to get too close to the devil with the drumsticks, but once I did, he shoved me out of his life with a force.
My heart might be cracked, but his is completely broken. And trying to save him would destroy us both.
So, I do the right thing and I walk away—not only to protect me but also our unborn baby.
I had no idea who Gage was to the world when I slipped into his bed. Now that I’m out of it, it’s clear he’ll have to clean up his act before he’s father material.
But then we meet again, and I’m reminded of the man he could be.
The man he was born to be, before tragedy struck and the chaos left his heart barely beating.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Like real life, the characters are far from perfect, make morally gray decisions, and deal with subjects that may be sensitive for some readers. If you are looking for a safe romance, this series is not for you. Trigger warnings (which contain spoilers) can be found on my website.

★★★★★ Controlled Chaos Review – “Do not start this series if you plan to go to bed anytime soon . You fall in love with the characters and you can’t stop turning pages, one of the best series I’ve ever read.”

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★★★★★ Bleeding Chaos Review – “By far the most emotively consuming, and thus perhaps most the rewarding, of the Love and Lyrics world. Bleeding Chaos will break your heart- but it will also heal it too.”



I really didn’t want the Love & Lyrics series to end but this was the perfect story to wrap up the band. Gage was the most broken of all the band and it took a lot for him to overcome his addictions. I was actually of fan of him choosing to do it on his own and not for Sadie to be that catalyst, although she helped lead him there. Sadie too was so broken and her story made me cry. When they initially meet, they were both in a bad place but they eventually pulled themselves out, albeit separately. And when they meet again and Gage learns about his daughter, I totally get Sadie being very wary. This is the type of secret baby that is my favorite. I 100% support Sadie keeping their daughter from Gage in this situation. It was definitely the right call. But it just made to the book to watch Sadie and Gage fall in love and become a family. A beautiful, heart wrenching book.

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