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She’s A Keeper- Review

She’s a Keeper

By Liz Lincoln

Genre: Contemporary, Sports, LGBTQIA+ Romance

Series: Milwaukee Wolfpack #2

Publication Date: February 21,2023

Source: Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 4 Stars



First comes love, then comes roommates, then comes friends with benefits…are they doing this right?

Soccer player Rose Olivieri has been in love with goalkeeper Cassie Dickinson for years. Determined to get over her friend, she invites the recently divorced goalkeeper to be her roommate. Forced proximity should be enough to kill any romantic feelings. Right?

With two broken marriages behind her, Cassie is swearing off romance for good. Why risk another disappointment? Still, she misses dressing up and going out. When Rose suggests they platonically date, Cassie figures why not? That unwanted attraction to her roommate is just a natural reaction to all the good conversation, fun, and quality time.

Neither woman expects the arrangement to slide into more. Friends-with-benefits wasn’t the plan, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun. Cassie’s certain she won’t catch feelings, and Rose is positive she can keep hers in check. Will these two friends discover they make fantastic teammates on the field and off?


I’ve always been a big women’s soccer fan and in the last year, I’ve become a fan of my local NWSL time, NY/NJ Gotham FC. And last season, we had a married couple on our team, Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris (who has since retired). Ali is a defender and Ashlyn was a goalie. What does this have to do with She’s a Keeper, you wonder. Well, this book follows a defender, Rose, and a goalie, Cassie, who both play for the same team, as they go from friends and roommates to much, much more. So, needless to say, it was right up my alley.

Rose has been in love with her teammate, Cassie, for basically ever. And in a fit of friendship, she lets Cassie become her roommate after Cassie’s second marriage falls apart. Rose is determined to keep their relationship as a friendship, especially now that Cassie has sworn off romance. So much so that she sets Rose up on a multitude of dates, which Rose agrees to in an attempt to get over Cassie. When the dates fail, they decide to platonically date each other, which of course leads to friends with benefits.

This book has everything I wanted, sexual tension, great friendships, so much heat, and beautiful love story! Plus there was heart and support. Rose wants to go back to school and Cassie is the one to support her. In turn, Rose is there to support Cassie in dealing with her horrible family. Overall, I really loved this book and seeing Rose and Cassie fall in love. And I can’t wait for Lauren’s book next!

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