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The Duke Gets Even – Review

Please make sure to support HarperCollins Union in their strike for fair wages, diversity, and stronger union protection.

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*Since I posted this review today, I donated to the strike fund.


I want to start this review by saying that I support the HarperCollins Union in their strike and please continue to support them. If I hadn’t received an ARC of this book from a PR company (and signed up before the strike), I would hold off on posting my review. I hope for the sake of those striking and for the authors, that HarperCollins comes to the bargaining table soon.

I think this is my favorite book in this series. We’ve been waiting Nellie and the duke’s story for so long and when we finally get it… *chef’s kiss*. And man oh man, is this book steamy. Even more so when we learn that Nellie and Lockwood had an anonymous meeting prior to the first book. Which took place in the ocean! Swimming and water is a big part of this book and there were tons of sexytimes around it too! Honestly, the heat level really lives up to the cover of this book! Lockwood and Nellie are on very different paths but the attraction between them brings them together. Both put up a façade, especially Nellie who tries to brush over society’s view of her but sometimes it hurts. It takes a little bit for them to see underneath the walls that they put up but when they do, we get sweetness along with steaminess! This book made me cry and was especially heartbreaking at times but it just shows the emotional depth of the story. This was book we were longing for and it didn’t disappoint!

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