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The Devil Gets His Due- Review


Some people sleep with the enemy…but only I could get knocked up by him too.


The Devil Gets His Due by Elizabeth O’Roark is now live!

Keeley: Last January, I drunk-married my nemesis—hot, oversized geek Graham Tate. With no memory of how it came about, there was only one solution: run off before he woke up and pretend it didn’t happen. It would have worked perfectly if I hadn’t wound up pregnant.

Graham is the opposite of everything I want in a man–practical, disciplined, frugal—but living with him until the baby arrives has me wondering if, perhaps, I’ve been wanting the wrong things all along. And if that drunk version of me last January might have been onto something.

Graham: I never planned to have kids, and I certainly wouldn’t have planned on one with Keeley Connolly—a woman who does not believe in savings accounts or personal safety and thinks Lucky Charms is a health food because of the non-marshmallow bits.

A woman who also didn’t think twice about marrying me in Vegas and ditching me hours later.

I can’t wait to put this behind me and return to my careful, chaos-free life in New York. But the more time I spend with Keeley, the more I’m remembering the things that led me to marry her in the first place…and wondering if I can live without them when this ends.

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Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth O’Roark spent many years as a medical writer before publishing her first novel in 2013. She holds bachelor’s degrees in journalism and arts from the University of Texas, and a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of Notre Dame. She is the author of twelve novels and recipient of the 2017 IBPA gold medal for romance. She lives in Washington DC with her three children.

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You know when you finish a book and have the delight of realizing characters in it have their own stories? That was me at the end of The Devil Gets His Due, I was so happy to get to read the other three books in the series. This book was my catnip, an unique heroine, who gets pregnant after an one (two) night stand and oh yeah, they also got drunk married in Vegas! Graham and Keeley were both so shocked to discover the result of their nights together. It definitely changes up their lives and while there is certainty conflict between them, I love to see these two opposites interact. They really are two very different people but they come together again for this pregnancy and we get to see them grow closer. Honestly, the only thing I wasn’t the biggest fan of was Graham’s view of Keeley in the beginning of the book. Her life has shaped her into the flighty and carefree person she is and when you’re freefalling from a shock and trying to get your life on track, you will always slip up every once in a while. I feel like there were times that he didn’t see how hard she was trying and that was frustrating to me as the reader. He kept his own secrets from her and it definitely took a while for the two to trust each other. Overall, an addicting read and I couldn’t put it down!

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