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Archangel’s Resurrection- Review

Archangel’s Resurrection

By Nalini Singh

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Series: Guild Hunter #15

Publication Date: October 25,2022

Publisher: Berkley

Source: Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 5 Stars

Amazon Indiebound


New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh takes us into the dangerous, haunting world of archangels . . . and a love that is legend.

For thousands of years, the passion between Alexander, Archangel of Persia, and Zanaya, Queen of the Nile, burned furious and bright, seemingly without end. But to be an archangel is to be bound to power violent and demanding. Driven by its primal energy, Alexander and Zanaya fought as fiercely as they loved, locked in an endless cycle of devotion and heartbreak. It is only Zanaya’s decision to Sleep that ends their love story.
Eons later, the Cascade of Death wakens them both. The passion between them a flame that yet burns, Alexander and Zanaya stand together in one last battle against the ultimate darkness. But even a warrior archangel cannot win every war. Alexander’s scream shatters the world as Zanaya falls, broken and silent . . . only to rise again in a miracle that may be a devastating curse. For is it truly the Queen of the Nile who has been resurrected?
Only one thing is clear: This is the last beat of their passionate, angry dance. The final song for Alexander and his Zani . . .


*Warning, minor spoilers* I couldn’t figure out how to avoid them and write this review.

Honestly, I read this book two weeks ago and I still have no idea how to write my review. When couples are described as having an epic love story, those just pale in comparison to Zani and Alexander’s story, which literally spans millennia. How do you write a review about that?

I made the mistake of not going back and rereading Archangel’s War before this book. Events in that previous book effect the story of this one. And there’s a ten year jump from Archangel’s Light to the current day of this story too. Although it doesn’t throw the reader so much because we’re talking centuries of the love story. Usually flashback are not my favorite but they’re so necessary to this story. We need to see Alexander and Zani in different stages of their lives, from young angels to Alexander’s accession, to them becoming a couple, Zani’s accession, her sleep, Alexander’s sleep, and finally, the events that bring them together again.

To be honest, I cried 99% of this book. This love story, it is so raw and epic. I have such difficulty finding the words to describe it. It’s like it’s too big for us mere mortals to understand or grasp. The connection, the passion, the beauty of their relationship is so encompassing. And yet there are things that tear it apart, little hurts that fester, choices and jealously that chip away at that bond.


There are times where Alexander and Zani are not together, are not a couple, even though they still love each other, and there are times where they seek out others. Its so the opposite of what we’re used to in romances and in Nalini Singh’s books that it was hard to grasp and read and yet it made sense in their relationship. And if you read the earlier books, you realize that Alexander’s son is not Zani’s so maybe the surprise and initial gut punch shouldn’t have been as shocking. It’s hard to accept the choices they made and yet it makes sense. We’re looking at a passionate relationship between two very powerful people that extends past human remembrance.

*Spoiler done*

In comparison to the epic adventures of the earlier parts of the book, the current setting and plot felt a little dull at times. The threat to Alexander and Zani didn’t feel as strong as what they had already faced. I wanted them to clean that issue up and focus on fixing themselves. And I was more intrigued by the hints of what occurred in the ten years between the previous book and this one. I honestly think the next book, (please be more Illium and Aodhan) will be set in those ten years.

It’s rare for a Nalini Singh book to be less than 5 stars for me and this one definitely doesn’t break that trend. It’s just a very different love story than anything she’s written and I certainly recommend having the tissues ready before reading it.

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