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100 Nights with the Duke- Review

100 Nights with the Duke

By Jess Michaels

Genre: Historical Romance

Publication Date: May 10, 2022

Source: Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Stars: 3.5



The much anticipated 100th book from historical romance powerhouse Jess Michaels
Once upon a time, a handsome duke was madly in love with a beautiful courtesan. But when his grandmother manipulated him into marrying for position, rather than love, they were torn apart. Now Edward, the Duke of Lockhart, is widowed, out of mourning and ready to pursue the love of his life again.

But Sophia Russell was brokenhearted when she lost him before and she sees no way that it can work out this time any more than it did before. Still, Edward’s seduction is something she cannot…will not resist. So she creates elaborate rules of their affair and hopes she can keep her heart separate this time.

Passion has always been easy for these two, but love will be hard. Especially when a terrible danger becomes clear and their fight for each other becomes one they may die from if they lose.

Heat Level: Courtesans and dukes and a wicked bargain…oh my!


I didn’t realize until posting the description that this was Jess Michaels’ 100th book! That’s an amazing achievement! Congratulations! It makes me wish I liked this book more that 3.5 stars. I can definitely see people loving it and there were things about it that I really liked. The sensuality and how steamy it is for one. But something about Edward and Sophia didn’t really click for me. It might have been the lack of background for Sophia. We learned a decent amount about Edward’s family and especially the pressure from his grandmother. But we weren’t told anything about Sophia’s background, why she became a courtesan, if she had any family, etc. Not that we need to understand her motivation for being a courtesan but I think it would have developed her character a bit more. Despite that, I really loved the story line, of a couple really attracted and in love who are forced to separate because of society and his family and who are given a second chance. The scenes in this book were really steamy and I really appreciated how Sophia in particular wasn’t villainized for enjoying sex, even when she and Edward weren’t together. Nor was it a big deal that her protector before Edward was his friend. This book checked a lot of boxes for me and was a really solid and fun read.

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