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The Marquess Makes His Move- Review

The Marquess Makes His Move

By Diana Quincy

Genre: Historical Romance

Series: Clandestine Affairs #3

Publisher: Avon Romance

Publication Date: March 29,2022

Source: Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Stars: 4

Amazon Indiebound


Diana Quincy returns with the newest novel in the Clandestine Affairs series with a steamy romance about a half-Arab marquess seeking revenge on—and falling for—London’s most famous mapmaker.

The new footman doesn’t seem to know his place… 

London’s most renowned mapmaker is a woman…but nobody knows it. If anyone discovers that Rose Fleming is the power and talent behind the family business, the scandal could ruin them. Rose’s secret is tested by the arrival of a handsome new footman who shows far too much interest in his new mistress. Rose battles an intense attraction to the enigmatic servant, but maintaining a proper distance isn’t easy when you and temptation live under the same roof. 

She makes him forget he has a score to settle…

Few have met the reclusive half-Arab Marquess of Brandon, who is rumored to live with a harem of beauties among his mother’s people near Jerusalem. Brandon couldn’t care less what society thinks of him, or that his fellow peers are disdainful of his common blood, but he won’t stand for being robbed. That’s why he’s disguised himself as a footman in the home of a respected mapmaker who cheated Brandon out of his land. But the nobleman’s plans for retribution are complicated by his growing attraction for the secretive lady of the house.

When Brandon uncovers the shocking truth about Rose’s role in his stolen birthright, can a love born of deception really conquer all? 


I’ve really enjoyed the Clandestine Affairs series by Diana Quincy so far. After book two, I was excited for Alex (Brandon’s book). And this storyline, with the hero acting as a footman and the heroine a mapmaker was very unique and intriguing. I was immediately pulled into the story and hating having to put in down to try to get some sleep. I really wanted to see how everything worked out, especially with Rose being married and Alex keeping a big secret, his real identity, from her. While I’m not usually a fan of romances with such a deception, this storyline and the attraction between Alex and Rose kept me going. I really just wanted everything to work out for them. I loved how Alex stood up for Rose and eagerly supported her mapmaker. Rose was rightfully wary of Alex after his secrets come out and after a big upheaval in her life, but after some justified shock, she moves on with reclaiming what she really wants in life. This a such an interesting take on the usual Regency romances I came to age reading and I love the diversity in the book and the storyline.

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