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Only Ever Yours- Review

Title: Only Ever Yours
Author: Nikki Ash
Genre: Insta-Love Romance (stand alone)
Release Date: January 13, 2022

Books and Tequila Blog – “Only Ever Yours is sweet and swoony.”
Closet Romance Reader – “Get ready for a bewitching tale of loss and love. Only Ever Yours was the latest epicness by Nikki Ash. It was emotional, enthralling, and hot!”
The Romantic Rush Blog – “Only Ever Yours delivers everything I’ve come to love about Nikki Ash’s story telling- tender feelings, swoony romance, sensational steam, and heartfelt sincerity, but yet it also surprises in unexpected ways.”

Desperate times call for desperate measures—like pretending to be my best friend and posing as a millionaire’s escort for the night.
I thought I had nothing left to lose, only I didn’t take my heart into consideration. What started as a one-time date turned into so much more in the blink of an eye. Because Isaac is used to getting what he wants, and even after learning the truth, he wants me. Unconditionally.
Even though my heart is on the line, I find myself falling in love with him. But all too soon, I learn that loving a powerful man like Isaac can be dangerous. And despite how careful he is with my heart, it’s still capable of breaking.

From the moment we met, she’s taken up residence in my head and in my heart. I’ll do everything in my power to make her mine. But first, I need to secure a second date.
It’s more than chemistry. My parents had this too. She’s the one. Marriage, babies, forever… I want it all with her, and in return, I’ll give her the world.
When the unimaginable happens, love and loyalty are put to the test. But I’ll move heaven and earth to protect Camilla… even if it means breaking her heart.



This book had all the tropes I love, instant love, surprise baby, age gap. And there were definitely things I did love about Camilla and Isaac’s story. The attraction and the passion between them was steamy. There was an element of danger that moved the storyline along. Despite all that, I had a hard time with the realities of their relationship. Their instant love meant that Camilla almost immediately moved in with Isaac and then began working for him. Her whole life and independence became tied up in him. Especially after everything she went through, with losing her job, her plans for the future, it was a little hard to accept that she would just tie her entire future to Isaac so quickly. It’s also possibly I wasn’t in the right mindset for the alphaness that was Isaac. Overall, this story was a three star for me but I could totally see people completely adoring it.

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