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Pride and Passion

Pride and Passion

By Rebel Carter


Delilah Wickes-Barnes has no intention of getting involved with any man, much less the handsome newcomer who once courted her sister, albeit briefly. However, fate (or more accurately, her mother…) has other plans. No matter how hard they try to avoid each other, they can’t seem to stop finding themselves alone together. And when they are tasked with saving the Christmas play how can Del say no? It’s for the children, after all.

A rush of newcomers hope to settle in the unique town of Gold Sky, Montana and Elliot Meyers is no exception. Prosperous and accepting, it’s exactly the place an industrious man with a mission can build his future and find some peace. That is, until Delilah walks into his life and turns everything upside down with her haughty glances and refusal to give him the time of day. But the more time they spend together the more determined Elliot is to make Del see that their fiery arguments can turn to something even more explosive.

Visit historic Gold Sky for another dose of out-sized HEAs and joyful frontier living, where diversity reigns supreme. 

Rebel Carter is an award winning new voice in Romancelandia with diverse, multicultural characters and plots that readers yearn for. Fans of Beverly Jenkins, Alyssa Cole and Talia Hibbert will find much to love in Rebel’s strong willed heroines and the swoon-worthy men who love them. 


In a series with two MMF books, I was surprised that Pride and Passion ended up being the steamiest so far! I was so happy to return to Gold Sky and see Delilah get her Happily Ever After. Initially, she is wary of the matchmaking her mother is trying to do between herself and Elliot. She thought he was first interested in her older sister and decides to write him off. However, her mother and the town have other plans. The sparks between her and Elliot singe the page! First, it’s their “unfriendly” banter which is really just hiding their attraction. This book has more misunderstandings than the previous books and despite outside influence and fun tropes like stranded with only one bed and needing to remove wet clothes, it takes a while for Delilah and Elliot to work things out. The only thing I wish this book had was Elliot’s POV. I’d love to see him start to fall for Delilah and to see her through his eyes. Aside from that, this was a lovely book that even made me tear up at moments! I’m sad that the next book is the last Wickes-Barnes sister but I also can’t wait to read it!

*Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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