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Forever His Champion

Forever His Champion

By Marie Lipscomb


“I’ve faced the meanest, toughest warriors in Aldland, I’ve been stabbed and sliced and lanced, but I never trembled until I met you.”

After years of humiliating defeat, Brandon the Bear has at last found his strength renewed by the love of Natalie Blackmere. When he and his lady are called back to the Champion’s Guild, and the hosting nobleman demands they take part in the Grand Tourney, Brandon sees a chance to prove his worth once and for all. 

Natalie is finally free to love her champion, but finds herself struggling with the newfound pressures of notoriety. Suffocating in silk and wilting under the prying eyes of Aldland’s nobility, she dreads the day she must return to her duties at the castle. But when she and Brandon return to the Champion’s Guild, she must decide who she wants to be; Lady Natalie, or the Lioness of Blackmere.

Marie Lipscomb is a writer with a penchant for unlikely heroes, fantastical creatures, and finding romance in the midst of chaos. She has a particular fondness for big, squishy, cinnamon-roll heroes, especially if they’re beardy. 


We’ve come to an end of Natalie and Brandon’s story and what an adventure it has been! Our lovers are finally together and in the open but they get pulled back into the world of the Champion’s Guild for one final tournament. Natalie is struggling under the weight of the responsibilities waiting for her at Blackmere and her continuing desire to be a Champion. Brandon wants one last challenge to prove himself and retire on top. In the midst of this, both need to work out what their future will look like. Brandon and Natalie continue to love and support each other throughout their challenges and that’s what I love most about this series. We’ve seen both characters grow and with that growth is their love for each other becoming strong with everything they overcome. Brandon is the most supportive of Natalie and that positive support and love just warms my soul. Cinnamon-roll heroes are absolutely the best. Natalie has the same support for Brandon and she just wants what’s best for him. Their love is so pure and beautiful. This was everything I wanted for the two characters and closing this book, my heart was happy.

*Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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