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Flirting with Forever

Flirting with Forever

By Cara Bastone


Sometimes you get a second chance at a first impression

Mary Trace is bright, bubbly and back in the dating pool in her midthirties. All of her closest friends are in love, and she refuses to miss out on romance. So when a regular customer at her trendy Brooklyn boutique wants to set Mary up on a blind date with her son, she gives a hesitant yes. John Modesto-Whitford is gorgeous and well-groomed, so maybe dinner won’t be a total bust—until he drops a less-than-flattering comment about Mary’s age.

Desperate to be nothing like his snake of a politician father, public defender John Modesto-Whitford prides himself on his honesty and candor. But his social awkwardness and lack of filter just blew it with the most beautiful woman he’s ever dated.

Luckily, Mom’s machinations keep Mary and John running into each other all summer long, and soon they resort to fake dating to get her to back off. When their pretense turns to real friendship—and some surprisingly hot chemistry—can these two stubborn individuals see past their rocky start to a rock-solid future together?


Like Mary, I was surprised by how much I ended up like John as the story played out. On first introduction, he’s terrible and I love Mary even more for not putting up with him on their first date. However, the more we learn about John and see passed his social awkwardness, the more adorable he becomes. Mary and John, as they start to know each other, become friends first. I forgot how much I love the friends first trope. The chemistry between the two of them is there and burning but they spend time getting to know each other first. They both have serious holdups about a relationship, John’s tied to his lack of money and Mary’s having money, and Mary’s tied to her mom and her mom’s issues. It was satisfying to see them work through theses issues as adults. Like all relationships, there are awkward moments and misunderstandings but they get discussed and cleared up. This was just a soothing book to read, like the others in the series, and exactly what I needed. Plus there’s an adorable cat and that just warmed my heart.

*Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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