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The Champion’s Desire

The Champion’s Desire

By Marie Lipscomb


Can forbidden love overcome the pull of duty and tradition?

No longer the Lady of Blackmere, Natalie joins the champions as a squire, aiding them in their pursuit of the traitor who organized the bandit attack which cost so many lives. But when their chase ends at the Champion’s Guild, she and Brandon must keep their love a secret, or risk being cast from the order.

Against the advice of the Guild Master, Brandon insists on competing in the Midsummer Melee. Long thought to be past his best, he finds renewed strength in the arms of his lady. But when an opportunity arises which could guarantee the comfort and security of his family for the rest of their days, he must choose between the woman he loves, and the Guild he calls home.

Note from the author: Content warning: This story is about two people falling in love and neither of them are skinny. On a couple of occasions, a big jerk picks on the hero for his weight. He is a jerk, and no one likes him. He’ll get what’s coming to him in future books. We love the hero and his magnificent bod. Brandon is a cinnamon roll and there’s lots of consent and face sitting. Enjoy!

Marie Lipscomb is a writer with a penchant for unlikely heroes, fantastical creatures, and finding romance in the midst of chaos. She has a particular fondness for big, squishy, cinnamon-roll heroes, especially if they’re beardy


The Champion’s Desire is the second book following Natalie and Brandon. From the previous book, they are passionately in love but must keep their relationship a secret as they return to the Champion’s Guild. Because of that, most of this book involves Brandon and Natalie trying to find stolen moments together and I spent the whole book afraid of when they would be discovered. In a more positive vein, it was great to see Natalie start training as a squire and start to come into her own more. The events of the previous book and her role as Lady of Blacksmere still weigh heavily on her but she’s able to explore her strength in this book. Brandon too has a goal and a mission that leads to his own growth in this book. I’m still waiting for the “big jerk” in the author’s note to get what’s coming to him and it seems like that will play out in the last book. Natalie and Brandon’s love is tested in this story but their relationship comes out stronger in the end. The focus on the Champion’s Guild in this book pulls the reader into this medieval/fantasy world created by Marie Lipscomb more firmly than the previous book and I feel like her story telling is becoming stronger. I’m excited for the conclusion of Brandon and Natalie’s story!

*Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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