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Her Pretend Christmas Date

Her Pretend Christmas Date

By Jackie Lau


She’s home for the holidays with her starchy fake boyfriend…

Although she’s the fun and outgoing one, Julie Tam has always lived in the shadow of her older sister, Charlotte. Now Charlotte has a good career and a great boyfriend whom their parents love, and Julie has neither of those things.

Her blind date with Tom Yeung is disastrous; however, he’s exactly the sort of guy her parents would like–a methodical, strait-laced pharmacist who even folds his underwear and wears paisley ties. So, she pretends they’re a couple to impress Mom and Dad in their phone conversations. When her mother insists that Julie bring Tom to her hometown for Christmas, Tom, who has no plans for the holidays, agrees.

But Julie doesn’t know how she’ll tolerate a whole weekend in his company, especially when they have to share a bed and participate in a gingerbread house competition together. The man is irritatingly proper and set in his ways.

Except after hours of baking and skating and opening presents, she’s starting to find Tom annoyingly attractive and even endearing. And now, she doesn’t want this holiday weekend to end…


This adorable novella from Jackie Lau features an opposites-attract couple, faking dating, delightful holiday antics and even a gingerbread house making contest! Julie and Tom are set up on a blind date where it is clear they are complete opposites. They go their separate ways but Julie realizes that Tom is the perfect boyfriend that her parents’ want for her. To get her parents off her back, she tells them about Tom and pretends he’s her boyfriend. To her surprise, he agrees to the charade and to spend Christmas with her family. I loved the contrast between Tom and Julie and how what initially put them off each other becomes adorable as they grow closer. It was interesting to read a story where the attraction isn’t a first sight but grows the more they get to know each other. I don’t read a lot of holiday romances but this one definitely put me in the Christmas spirit and I greatly enjoyed it!

*Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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