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By Sarina Bowen

CREDITS: Photo by Wander Aguiar, Design by Hang Le


Secrets, desires, and exquisite pie. It’s all in a day’s work at The Company.

Growing up, I was the rough guy from the wrong neighborhood who couldn’t catch a break. Posy was the pampered girl I tried to impress. But I managed to steal only a single kiss before I had to skip town.

Now I’m back, and the tables are turned. Posy runs a struggling pie shop. I’m the VP of a secretive billion dollar security company.

Not that I can tell her.

There’s a murderer on the loose in New York, and he seems to spend a lot of time at Posy’s shop. I can’t let on that I’m here to bring him down before he can harm a hair on her pretty head.

Going undercover as Posy’s new barista wasn’t my idea. I don’t even drink coffee. But now I have to call her “boss,” and do everything the curvy perfectionist asks of me. I’d forgotten how much we infuriate each other, and that she somehow fills me with both irritation and desire in the same breath.

There’s nobody more skilled at stealth ops than me. I can bring this killer down. Right after I take a cold shower. And just as soon as I figure out how to make a skinny peppermint latte with milk poured in the shape of a kitten…


A baker and a playboy spy who have a past, what’s not to love? Add in some coffee designs and danger and you’ve got Loverboy! This book checked almost all of my boxes for things I enjoy in a romance novel. It was an engaging read and I was quickly pulled into the story. While Gunnar and Posy have a past, there weren’t a huge amount of flashbacks scenes to pull the reader out of the present. While it’s definitely clear that Sarina Bowen is moving into romantic suspense with her The Company series and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not really a romantic suspense person, I like how it was handled in this book. Gunnar did have to lie to Posy about his job and why he’s working at her shop but I thought how that played out was handled well. Overall, I liked both characters and their relationship and greatly enjoyed this offering from Sarina Bowen.

*Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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