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The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows

The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows

by Olivia Waite


When Agatha Griffin finds a colony of bees in her warehouse, it’s the not-so-perfect ending to a not-so-perfect week. Busy trying to keep her printing business afloat amidst rising taxes and the suppression of radical printers like her son, the last thing the widow wants is to be the victim of a thousand bees. But when a beautiful beekeeper arrives to take care of the pests, Agatha may be in danger of being stung by something far more dangerous…

Penelope Flood exists between two worlds in her small seaside town, the society of rich landowners and the tradesfolk.  Soon, tensions boil over when the formerly exiled Queen arrives on England’s shores—and when Penelope’s long-absent husband returns to Melliton, she once again finds herself torn, between her burgeoning love for Agatha and her loyalty to the man who once gave her refuge.

As Penelope finally discovers her true place, Agatha must learn to accept the changing world in front of her. But will these longing hearts settle for a safe but stale existence or will they learn to fight for the future they most desire?


Do you ever finish a book and think “This was just delightful”? That’s I how I feel about The Care and Feeding of Wapish Widows. Honestly, I think mainstream publishers are really missing out by not having more f/f historical romances. Quite simply, this book was sweet. And I’m not use saying that because it features a beekeeper! This is a slow burn and follows Penelope and Agatha from meeting to friends both of whom are attracted to each other and finally to lovers. I especially liked that both women have professions that they really excel at. Penelope is a bee keeper while Agatha runs her family’s publishing press. The world around them is changing and the historian in me liked the subplot of Queen Caroline and the influence she had over the time period. It was easily interspersed within Penelope and Agatha’s love story. This was an unique love story about two middle-aged women falling in love and once you finish it, you wonder why it is unique and why not all books are as romantic and cleverly written as The Care and Feeding of Wapish Widows. I think the most glowing thing I can say about this book is as soon as I finished it, I recommended it to my friend who doesn’t read romance because I know she will adore it!

Received an ARC from publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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