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A Worthy Opponent

A Worthy Opponent

by Katee Robert


Once upon a time I was a girl who believed in love and happily ever afters.

Now the only thing I believe in is revenge.

Unfortunately for me, there’s only one man willing to help me. Hook. I should have known it wouldn’t be out of the goodness of his heart. He doesn’t have one. No, Hook wants his ring on my finger and me on my knees before him—and he won’t take no for an answer.

I’m willing to pay any price in order to bring our mutual enemy down…even if it means I lose my soul in the bargain.

Wicked Villains


PUBLISHED: January 28, 2020

GENRE: Dark Romance

PUBLISHER: Trinkets and Tales

COUPLE: Hook and Tink

TROPES: Marriage of Convenience, Enemies to Lovers, Villains, Banter, Vengeance


I keep talking to my friends about Katee Robert’s “kinky Disney villains” as I call them and trying to get them to read this series. After finishing A Worthy Opponent, I’m not sure if it knocks Learn My Lesson from the spot of favorite book in the series but it does come close. The only reason it’s in second place is it didn’t make me sob like Learn My Lesson did. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t love Hook and Tink’s story. Tink is definitely up there as one of my favorite heroines and it certainly doesn’t hurt that I spend the entire book picturing Hook as Hook from Once Upon a Time. Their chemistry burns up the pages! But also, they both go from very locked up people to learning to trust each other and that’s just beautiful.

Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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