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Honor and Desire

Honor and Desire

by Rebel Carter


For as long as anyone can remember Seylah Wickes-Barnes has been at the side of August Leclaire, her best friend and the boy her fathers took under their wing.

Now a grown woman and looking for love, Seylah’s deepest regret, and secret, is quickly coming to surface: She has been in love with August for as long as she can remember.

For years she has been content in her role as secretary to the Sheriff’s department in Gold Sky, Montana. Mostly for the opportunity to be around the men of her family, and the one who still owns her heart. But there is no denying that the woman behind the desk is far more suited to wielding a gun and keeping the peace. If only she could convince her fathers to see her in a new light, as a person worthy of a deputy’s badge.

Determined to put her past behind her, Seylah gives her attentions to a handsome new arrival. One who sweeps Seylah off her feet-quite literally. Things are almost perfect until August suddenly declares his intent to court her. Can she trust that August’s affections are true and not inspired by jealousy?

Amongst gun fights and forbidden kisses, childhood friendships mature into a love built on forever and intimate desire in this tale of friends-to-prickly-allies-to-lovers romance

Visit historic Gold Sky for another dose of out sized HEAs and joyful frontier living, where diversity reigns supreme. 


Whenever I finish a historical Rebel Carter romance, I always get the urge to read one of Beverly Jenkins’ Westerns. There’s something about the skilled way Rebel crafts Gold Sky that reminds me of Beverly Jenkins’ books. Honor and Desire follows Seylah, the daughter of the heroine and heroes of Heart and Hand. She had a childhood crush on her best friend August, but overheard, painful words lead her to believing her feelings were one-sided. Instead, she throws herself in her work as the sheriff’s secretary. Seylah is fearless and fierce in waiting more out of her job and responsibilities and doesn’t let societal norms hold her back. In that respect, she is clearly Julie’s daughter.

August is our erstwhile hero and Seylah’s best friend. A newcomer in town sparks his courage to claim Seylah as his own. Honor and Desire follows the two as they work out how to go from friends to more. It is a beautiful story and one that makes me want more and more from Gold Sky. I highly recommend this book and series!

Rebel Carter is an award winning new voice in Romancelandia with diverse, multicultural  characters and plots that readers yearn for. Fans of Beverly Jenkins, Alyssa Cole, and Talia Hibbert will find much to love in Rebel’s strong willed heroines and the swoon-worthy men who love them.

Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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