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Stolen Lies

Titles: Stolen Lies
Truth and Lies Duet #2
Authors: K Webster and Nikki Ash
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release: December 12, 2019
My life was easy, simple, fun.
My life was brutal, horrific, ruthless.
Until I got wrapped up with the wrong people.
Until a beautiful bride was dragged into my life.
Nothing but a piece of property to pay for the sins of my father.
I took her as my prize and made her mine.
I’m to be married off to a handsome monster.
Vengeance never tasted so sweet.
I see his truths every day, and it’s hard not to fall for the enemy.
I see her truths every day, and it’s hard not to fall for a woman who makes me weak.
He won’t let me escape, but I’m not sure I want to.
She can try to run, but I have no intention of ever letting her go.
I wanted to marry for love, but it looks like love is a lie.
I wanted to marry for hate, but it looks like hate is a lie.
MissPetiteBrunetteBookBlog – “Get ready for a jaw dropping conclusion to this magnificent duet.”
BookHaven Book Blog – “I dove in and couldn’t stop reading!! I inhaled this in a few hours and my jaw was dropping all over the place!!”
Melanie Helms – “Holy shiitake mushrooms. What a great conclusion! Wow.”
Leave Me Alone I’m Reading – “Omg… the feels, the action, the sex, the fucking blood and gore… perfecccttttt.”
Jillian (Goodreads) – “SIX STARS! This duet is at the top of my list for favorite reads in 2019. I was blown away.”
Nikki Ash
K Webster


Wow, Stolen Lies was certainly a ride. Talia and Kostas truly have to overcome a lot to get their HEA. Stolen Lies starts a year after Hidden Truths and Talia and Kostas have to work hard to find their way back to one another. Kostas spends a lot of this book working to overcome their enemies but I truly think this is Talia’s book. Events of their year apart have turned Talia into a new and stronger woman. She truly comes into her own in Stolen Lies and isn’t afraid to take what she wants and fight to protect her family. Stolen Lies is a much a love story about Talia becoming a powerful queen as it is Kostas and Talia falling in love. Stolen Lies is a satisfying ending to the duet and I loved following Kostas and Talia’s story.

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