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Master of Revenge

Master of Revenge

by Sienna Snow


We are rivals. Sworn enemies. And he is the only man to ignite a fire in my soul.

I walk a fine line between control and chaos, defined by my past and driven by my future. Nothing can stop me from protecting those I love.

Zack Lykaios is cunning and dangerous. He wants to destroy everything I’ve built on his ruthless march to the top.

All that I am, or ever will be, says I should avoid him.

Still, I’ve been tempted. One card game. One night of all-consuming passion. One craving I can’t deny. One need I can never quench.

Wanting him can only lead to disaster. Loving him is guaranteed to destroy my world.


Sienna Snow is always a hit for me and Master of Revenge definitely kept up that trend! Henna and Zack have the most steamy chemistry between them. Their enemies with a burning attraction to lovers relationship heated up the pages. And, the scene with the audiobook, hot damn! Zack has spent his life trying to get revenge on his father. Henna has spent her life working for and thankful to Zack’s father for saving her family. Their past and family history tries to keep the two of them apart but their chemistry is too much and they end up in bed together. However, it takes time for them to work through the influence of past and how to go forward into a future together.

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