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Changing Lines

Changing Lines

by Toni Aleo

Description: Claire and Jude Sinclair have been living the perfect life for the last ten years. 

Blissfully in love, professionally successful, happily married… They have everything they want—except a baby to make their family complete. 

On the eve of the birth of the baby they’re planning to adopt, Jude gets traded to another hockey team in another state, and their thoughtfully planned-out road to parenthood hits a speed bump. 

But they didn’t survive all the turmoil of their pasts to get knocked out now. This is their game seven, and they won’t accept anything less than a win for the family they’re destined to have.


Changing Lines was beautiful, lovely, and heartwarming. Claire and Jude were my favorites from the first Bellevue Bullies book and it was excellent to catch up with them again and see how their live together has progressed. However, this wasn’t just a catch up story. It was a heartbreaking and beautiful tale of a couple deeply in love and waiting to start a family but being unable. The pain from Claire and Jude at each negative pregnancy test tore into my heart. In romance especially, the HEA usually centers on the couple starting a family together. Although I’m happy to say that there are now plenty of books that move away from that if the characters don’t want children. That being said, the reality and heartbreak of a couple who want children and are unable to have them is the center of this story. It’s realistic for that pain to tear at a couple and it did for Claire and Jude. It might have even broke them if their love wasn’t so strong. And once they reached the decision to adopt and then life throws over curve-balls at them, we get to see how Jude and Claire deal with these changes. Changing Lines isn’t just a revisit to Claire and Jude but a chance to see how they deal with serious issues in their relationship and how they work on them as a couple. It’s heartbreaking, heartwarming, and realistic to the core. 

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