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The Story Series: Sale

Title: Tell Me a Fantasy
Series: The Story Series
Author: Tamara Lush
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Fear of flying? Check.
Sexy-as-hell seat-mate who is also a billionaire?? Check.
Nearly dying during a flight emergency? Check.
Now I’m stranded in Iceland with Colin King, the billionaire sexy guy. He’s invited me to stay at a friend’s condo, and things are heating up under the midnight sun. But just when it seems like Colin wants more from me than just a weekend fling, he disappears, taking with him my heart. And when he tries to contact me later, I’d rather fly around the world twice than have my heart broken again.
I think.

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Title: Tell Me a Story: The Complete Series
Series: The Story Series
Author: Tamara Lush
Genre: Contemporary Romance


You’ve heard the stories of the poor girl meeting the billionaire and living happily ever after. But what happens after that?
I’m Emma. This is the story of how I met Caleb King, Florida’s richest man. We fell for each other hard and fast during erotic story time at a local bar. Our relationship survived a fire, a journey into BDSM, my own insecurities and one serious wardrobe malfunction (in front of his parents, no less). But when I’m six months pregnant, Caleb disappears in Brazil. 
This is our love story, from start to finish. It’s a story of memory and destiny, of lust and lies. In the dark of night, when I’m at my most desperate, I ask: do we love our husbands because of the memories we share with them? Or is it something else? Something more magical? 
And do poor girls like me really get happy endings?


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Author Bio

Tamara Lush writes steamy and emotional contemporary romance stories set in tropical locations. Her recent book, Constant Craving, was a 2018 RWA RITA® finalist in erotic romance.  She’s married to an Italian and lives near a beach in Florida. For many years, she was an award-winning newspaper journalist. In 2017, she was one of 24 writers chosen by Amtrak to ride around the United States on a train and write fiction. Tamara’s a fan of vintage pulp fiction book covers, Sinatra-era jazz, 1980s fashion, tropical chill, kombucha, gin, tonic, seashells, iPhones, Art Deco, telenovelas, coloring books, street art, coconut anything, strong coffee and journalism.

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Tell Me a Story Review:

I binge-read the entire Tell Me a Story books this weekend. I was reading the last two in my living room and my sister came downstairs and I asked me why I was crying. I responded that “My book is sad”. That essentially sums up the end of the Tell Me a Story books. Caleb and Emma’s story is heartbreaking and beautiful. There were times where it frustrated me and times when I sobbed and read fast because I wanted to get to the happy ending. And then I hated myself for reading faster because I wanted the story to last longer. Quite simply, a skillfully written, heartbreakingly beautiful love story.

Tell Me a Fantasy Review:

After Tell Me a Story, it took a little while for me to warm up to Colin. However, by the start of this book, he’s a changed man and is perfect for Samantha. From comforting her with her anxiety to helping her out of her shell in Iceland, he became a hero I could support. Plus, having recently visited Iceland (albeit on a planned trip) I loved reading about Samantha and Colin fall in love there. Samantha especially had to overcome her past and not let her fear control her life and it takes her a while to get there but it’s so satisfying when she does. My only complaint for the book is that I wanted it to be longer!

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