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Author Rec: Amanda Bouchet

Amanda Bouchet is relatively new author but one who has made a big splash in fantasy romance. I started reading her Kingmaker Chronicles purely because Nalini Singh recommended them. And I would read the dictionary if Nalini Singh recommended it. Needless to say, I was hooked and I’ve been recommending her series to people ever since. The Kingmaker Chronicles is a trilogy but luckily, Amanda is starting a new series and I received and read an ARC of the first book recently. Which the Kingmaker Chronicles is fantasy mixed with Greek Mythology, her new series, Endeavor, is space romance. Space romance, huh, I guess that’s the correct term for the genre but I’m not 100% sure. Either way, the first book, Nightchaser, is out early 2019 and I totally recommend picking it up. While it does suffer a bit from world-building, it is necessary to create the unique space-setting of the series. The heroine, Tess Bailey (let’s be real, I keep wanting to call her Tessa Bailey after the amazing author) is a perfect mix between kick-ass and vulnerable. Amanda Bouchet is definitely a standout author and I can’t wait to watch her career progress!

I was lucky enough to meet her at RT Booklovers 2017 but didn’t manage to grab a picture with her.

Amanda Bouchet recommendations: 

  •  Nightchaser
  • A Promise of Fire
  • Breath of Fire
  • Heart on Fire


Author Bio: 

amanda-bouchet-225-shadow2Amanda Bouchet grew up in New England where she spent much of her time tromping around in the woods and making up grand adventures in her head. It was inevitable that one day she would start writing them down. Drawing on her Greek heritage for the setting and on her love of all things daring and romantic for the rest, her debut trilogy, The Kingmaker Chronicles, took form. She writes what she loves to read: epic exploits, steamy romance, and characters that make you laugh and cry.

Her first novel, A Promise of Fire, won several Romance Writers of America chapter contests, including the Orange Rose Contest and the paranormal category of the prestigious Golden Pen.

A French master’s graduate and former English teacher, Amanda lives in Paris, France. She met her husband while studying abroad, and the family now includes two bilingual children who will soon be correcting her French.

You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter. For updates and exclusives, sign up for Amanda’s newsletter (you can easily unsubscribe at any time).

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