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Local Romance Authors Day!


On Saturday, my local Barnes and Noble hosted an NJ Local Romance Authors Day! So, of course, I cancelled my plans and attended! On top of my love for supporting local authors and businesses, I actually used to work at this Barnes and Noble and had a great time catching up with former coworkers!


Menlo Park Barnes and Noble hosted 12 local romance authors in a meet and greet/book-signing event. I loved the style of this get-together. Next weekend, I’m going to Authors in the City and I know I won’t have nearly as much time to chat with authors as I did at this event. This was very intimate and gave the reader a chance to actually talk to and get to know the author.


Anabelle Bryant

I’ll admit, I only read three of the authors before this event but I stopped and talked to everyone and absolutely had a blast. One of the authors, KD Elizabeth, was unable to attend but her mom was there and I got to Facetime with KD, who was so personable and great to talk to!


How hot is the cover of this book??

I totally walked out of the store having spent way more than I intended but it was completely worth it! I had a great time and I hope Menlo Park Barnes and Noble will continue to be able to host romance events!


Siobhan Chase

Please ignore that my necklace is messed up in every author picture. *Embarrassed*

If you haven’t read Harper Miller yet, run, don’t walk, and grab one of her books! They are sooo steamy! I read Entwined before this and swear that I needed to take a cold shower when I finished it. And I’ve started The Sweetest Taboo and am loving it!


All the awesome books I bought!


My thoughts at the cashier when I was paying for my books. Totally worth it though.

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