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Cover Reveal for Devil in Spring

Devil in Spring


I’m interrupting my posting schedule to present the cover reveal for Lisa Kleypas’s Devil in Spring! I recently read the first two books of her Ravenel series and enjoyed them. However, I’m more excited for the next book because it will feature the son of two of my favorite characters: Evie and St. Vincent from Devil in Winter! While you count down the days until February 2017, here’s the article in Bustle and the new cover!



  1. Oh my god! I’m so excited! I finally read the sneak peak for Devil in Spring two days ago and I literally began hyperventilating and excitedly hand waving. I then facetimed my sister (who had weirdly skipped the sneak peak as well) and I got to watch her read it, including the moment when it dawned on her that Gabriel is Evie’s and St. Vincent’s son. It was beautiful. Thanks for putting the cover up and giving me an unexpected “eek” moment.

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    • I just recently read the first two Ravenel books and they were so good! Devil in Winter is one of my absolute favorite Lisa Kleypas books and I’m so excited to see Evie and St. Vincent again! And read about their son!


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