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A Billionaire After Dark

A Billionaire After Dark by Katie Lane

25861993Description: With endless wealth comes irresistible temptation . . .

It’s an undisputed fact that Nash Beaumont is the hottest of the Beaumont brothers. His slow, sensual smile charms every French Kiss employee-and tempts every woman to buy the company’s lingerie. But beneath Nash’s raw charisma is a dark, kinky side that he struggles to control . . . a side that may be exposed by one lovely-and unexpectedly adventurous woman.

Reporter Eden Huckabee needs a story. And when she discovers Nash’s dirty little secret, she thinks she’s found it. But Eden doesn’t count on Nash turning the tables on her-or that she will fall so deeply for this unbelievably sexy, one-in-a-billion Beaumont.


I ended up binge-reading the last two books in Katie Lane’s Overnight Billionaires trilogy over Memorial Day Weekend. Once I got into this book, I knew I was going to read the last one right after it. The plot of A Billionaire After Dark was intriguing. Nash, one of the sexy ‘panty billionaires’ has a dark secret: he likes to hire escorts. Eden is determined to make it as a reporter and write a breaking story about the world of escorts. She ends up pretending to be an escort and meeting Nash in a hotel room. However, their relationship quickly moves passed that escort moment as Nash and Eden discover each other identities and that Eden’s grandparents live next door to Nash and his brother. Side note, I adore Eden’s hysterical, nudist, free-love, ‘special’ brownie making, grandparents. They’re a breath of fresh air to the story by adding a humorous element. Most of the story deals with the serious issues facing Nash, which culminate in his control and his hiring escorts. I did really enjoy watching the relationship between Eden and Nash grow as well as her friendships with Madison and Chloe. However, I had a problem with parts of Nash’s back-story. To avoid spoilers, I’ll just say that I wasn’t a fan of the catalyst from his past which led to his desire for control. That being said, I liked how Eden helped Nash address his issues and move on from past trauma. Eden’s strength of character came from her sheer determination to succeed, whether at her job, at running a marathon, or at having a relationship with Nash. That determination is admirable in a romance novel heroine and added to my enjoyment of the book.

Rating: 3 out of 5!

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Received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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