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Author Rec: Joanna Shupe

Joanna Shupe

Joanna Shupe is a relatively new romance author.  I discovered her books last yejoanna_shupear at a local book signing. I was immediately intrigued by the plot of her first book, The Courtesan Duchess. It had a similar plot to an old Virginia Henley book. The heroine and hero were married but he didn’t know what she looked like since they married when she was young. So the heroine sets off to seduce the hero, while pretending to be a courtesan, as one does. Needless to say, it is an immensely amusing book and I was quickly hooked on Joanna Shupe’s writing style and wit. I recently read the first two books of her new series, The Knickerbocker Club. I’m not usually a fan of American history and honestly was hesitant to read a book set in the Gilded Age. However, I adore both! I truly recommend Joanna Shupe if you’re looking for a new historical romance to read. Her Regency Wicked Deception series would be great for anyone who loves Sarah MacLean’s writing. And if you’re looking for a less traditional time pcover1-183x300eriod, or just like the Gilded Age, check out her new series!







Joanna Shupe at RT Booklovers 2017

Has anyone read Joanna Shupe’s books?

Any other suggestions for similar author recommendations?


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