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The Hackers Series

The Hackers Series by Meredith Wild 


I received a free copy of Hard Love to review a few days ago. That was my push to read the entire Hackers Series. I actually met Meredith Wild at BookCon and at the Romance Reading in Bryant Park this year. But getting a copy of Hard Love was the push I needed to read the series. I was going to review each book separately but
I read the whole series in three days and I honestly have no idea what happened in which book. So I’ll review Hard Love separately but will include the rest of the series in this review. With that being said, there will be spoilers as the plot of the four books follow the same couple, Erica Hathaway and Blake Landon.


Meeting Meredith Wild at BookCon

Review: Overall, I really enjoyed this series. I keep trying to find well-written erotic series to combat the stigma of Fifty Shades of Gray. I kept mentally comparing these books to Sylvia Day’s Crossfire Series. Both feature dominant, billionaire heroes and submissive heroines. However, I liked the Hackers Series a lot more than the Crossfire Series. While both had main characters who had been sexually abused, the Hacker Series dealt with the issue a lot better than the Crossfire Series. I genuinely liked Blake and Erica as a couple and felt like they addressed their problems in an adult manner. Blake actually held back on the BDSM stuff until Erica convinced him it was what she wanted. I wasn’t a fan of how Blake inserted himself into Erica’s business and some of the times he was too overprotective of her. However, I’ve just accepted that those plot points come with the territory in books like these. This series was a pleasurable read, filled with drama and passion.

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