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Sarah’s Surrender

Sarah’s Surrender by Lavinia Kent 

25058233Description: In Lavinia Kent’s scorching new eBook original novella, two wounded hearts find that only the sweet release of temptations long denied can heal the pain of past sins.

Five years ago, Miss Sarah Swilp had been deeply in love with Jonathan Perry, the second son of an earl. But when Jonathan inherited his aunt’s lands and money, he turned cold, demanding Sarah’s maidenhood and uttering those unforgettably cruel words: “You do know I won’t marry you.” She refused, of course, and that spoiled everything. Now, just as she’s agreed to a marriage of convenience, Jonathan reappears—and after Sarah gets one look at his lean, hard body, the embers of desire burst back into flame.

Over time, Jonathan has learned quite a bit about the art of pleasure—though nothing has ever given him so much joy as the husky timbre of Sarah’s laugh. It had hurt to leave her, but what other choice did he have? Perhaps he’d been too afraid of ending up like his brother, targeted by a woman seeking a title. Seeing her again, Jonathan can’t help wondering what might have been if only Sarah had surrendered to red-hot lust. Fortunately, judging by the wicked look in her eyes, it may not be too late to find out.

Sarah’s Surrender is intended for mature audiences. Don’t miss a preview of the next novel in the Bound and Determined series, Ravishing Ruby.

Review: Lavinia Kent is a recent discover for me. I really like her erotic Regency series and this novella is no exception. Despite having read the previous books in the series, I truly had no idea who Sarah was or how she was tied to the previous characters. My best guess is that she had wanted to marry to last hero, which didn’t happen. This is a reunion story between Sarah and Jonathan. They were childhood friends and sweethearts. However, five years before, Jonathan had cruelly told Sarah he would never marry her, right before she was about to give him her virginity. Now, Jonathan has come home and Sarah is on the verge of agreeing to marry a man her father’s age. She decides she wants one night of sexual pleasure before she agrees to marry. And that Jonathan is the perfect person to give her that night. As this is a part of Kent’s erotic series, Jonathan takes her to Madame Ruby’s pleasure house for their night together. The sex between the couple is delicious and steamy as they address their previous hurts and the possibility of a future. Can’t wait for Lavinia Kent’s next book, Ravishing Ruby!

Rating: 4 out of 5. 

Received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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