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Booksigning – Nalini Singh with Sarah Wendell

To start off my week of romance novels, last Monday I went to a booksiging for Nalini Singh. I’ve been fortunate that over the last few years, my local Barnes and Noble has hosted a variety of romance novelists. I’ve meet everyone from Eloisa James and Julia Quinn (total fangirl moment) to Brenda Jackson.

Sarah Wendell and my signed copy of Beyond Heaving Bosoms- The Smart Bitches Guide to Romance Novels

Sarah Wendell and my signed copy of Beyond Heaving Bosoms- The Smart Bitches Guide to Romance Novels

My night started off amazing. I left work early and headed straight to Barnes and Noble. What I can I say, I wanted a good seat and was totally okay with arriving 2 hours early. While I was sitting in Starbucks, rereading Heart of Obsidian, I looked over and there was Sarah Wendell. For those of you who don’t know, Sarah Wendell co-runs one of the best romance websites around: Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. And she co-wrote Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches Guide to Romance Novels and wrote Everything I Know About Love I Learned from Romance Novels. So of course, I had to go over and talk to her.

Nalini Singh

Nalini Singh

And ask her to sign my copy of Beyond Heaving Bosoms. And chat with her

about romance novels. As one does.

The night got even better from there when Nalini Singh arrived. Since I basically worship the ground she walks on and re-read her Psy-Changeling series every few months, you can understand my excitement. She and Sarah chatted about her books, her addiction, while in the States, to Extreme Couponing, and everything in between. Sarah was sneaky and kept trying to get Nalini to slip up and tell the identity of “The Architect”. I was lucky enough to get ask Nalini a few questions.

Pups or Cubs- Referring to Mercy and Riley’s future children from Branded by Fire  – she laughed and refused to answer

Who would win in a fight: Hawke or Lucas – She also didn’t answer- I don’t blame her; I’m not sure either

While getting my books signed, I also asked her if Hawke and Sienna will have a satisfying showdown with Ming- They will!!

It was an amazing night and an excellent way to kick off my romance novels week!


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