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The Viscount Made Me Do It- Review

The Viscount Made Me Do It

By Diana Quincy

Series: Clandestine Affairs #2

Genre: Historical Romance, Regency Romance

Publisher: Avon Romance

Publication Date: July 27,2021

Source: Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 4 Stars


Diana Quincy returns with the second novel in her Clandestine Affairs series featuring a steamy romance between a working class London bonesetter who is dangerously attracted to her mysterious noble client.  

A seduction that could ruin everything… 

Hanna Zaydan has fought to become London’s finest bonesetter, but her darkly appealing new patient threatens to destroy everything she’s worked so hard for. The daughter of Arab merchants is slowly seduced by the former soldier — even though she’s smart enough to know Griff is after more than he’ll reveal. Whatever it is, the bonesetter’s growing desire for the man just might tempt her to give it to him. 

An attraction that cannot be denied… 

Rumors that he killed his own parents have followed Thomas Ellis, Viscount Griffin, practically since he was a boy. More than a decade after the tragedy, Griff receives a tip about his parents’ killer… one that takes him straight to a captivating bonesetter. Griff is convinced Hanna is a fraud, but the dark-eyed beauty stirs deep feelings in him that he thought had perished along with his family. 

Hanna has a gift for fixing fractured people, but can she also mend a broken heart? More importantly, will Griff let her?


This was the first Diana Quincy book I’ve read but I’m definitely going to go back and read the first one now. You know it’s a good book when you only plan to read a few chapters before bed and end up finishing it in one sitting. I loved that Hanna is a bonesetter and good at her job even in the face of opposition. The initial deception from Griff makes sense in context and it gave their relationship a chance to grow. I felt that Hanna was the stronger character in this book. Griff had been isolated from his family and that really impacted him. In contrast, Hanna had a big family and community around her, even if they didn’t approve of her work. That her family were Arab and closely connected in Regency London allowed for the importance of Hanna’s community to show. The look into Arab culture and the traditions of her family added depth to the book and is exactly that I want to see in more romances going forward.

It was sweet to watch Hanna and Griff fall for each other over the course of the book. While there was a deception at first, once Hanna learns that Griff is looking into who killed his parents, she swiftly agrees to help him in any way. There are serious obstacles between the two and there is a sense of angst, especially in the third half of the book but the reader can see how it will be resolved. I think that’s one of the reasons that made me rate this a 4 instead of a 5. The solutions to their obstacles was pretty clear as well as the identity of who killed Griff’s parents. I just felt the extra spark that makes a book a 5 star for me was slightly lacking. This was a solid romance and definitely makes me want to read more from the author.

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